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Spring Has Sprung

Finally, Spring is here. What a great weekend.

Last weekend Jen and I went to New York, in case I didn’t tell you about it 100 times. When we were walking around Times Square I spotted Dora the Explorer…I just had to get my picture taken with her so I could show Olivia when I got back. I thought Olivia would be so excited, but she wasn’t. She said, “I wanna go to New Wark!”. Poor thing wanted to meet Dora so bad. Ryan and I told Olivia that Dora hops from town to town like a bandit. Olivia was not satisfied with our excuse.

This Saturday, Ryan had to go to AlaBrew to pick up some supplies for his new brewing endeavor. He stopped to get gas on 1st Avenue North and while has pumping, he noticed that there was somebody dressed as Dora across the street at Consignment World. Ryan called me and said, “I found Dora! She’s at Consignment World on 1st Ave. N.” I said, “Is it ghetto?” He told me it wasn’t. He lied.

So Olivia and I high-tail it to Consignment World, and what do you know? Dora was waving at cars whizzing by. We got out of the car and Olivia was really nervous. Dora put her hand out so Olivia could shake it, but Olivia gave Dora a big hug instead. Everything was groovy until “Dora” said, “Ooooooooh! She is so cyyyute! Oh my lawd that is so preshus!” C-R-A-P! Characters aren’t supposed to talk to the kids for the pure fact that the person inside the costume is not the character! Dora is Hispanic not African American! Olivia seemed really confused there for a second. We decided to tour Consignment World because I didn’t want it to seem like we were those pathetic people, which we were, who stop to get their picture taken with the person wearing a cartoon character costume. Two seconds later we were out of there and in our car. “Bye Dora! Bye Bye Dora!!” Then it was off to Winn-Dixie.


Saturday afternoon was fun, as we just did some work outside in the yard all day. Olivia enjoyed a messy popcicle:


Today we decided to do some more yard work. Our lawnmower crapped out, so we had to borrow our neighbor’s. Olivia had fun helping Ryan mow the yard:



I decided to do some spring cleaning this afternoon while Olivia was napping. I gathered some clothes to take to the thrift store, but somehow ended up making this purse for Olivia out of one of the sweaters I was going to get rid of. It was a fun afternoon project.


It was an all-around great weekend. Hope yours was too!



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