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Tarts & Tots

So I finally got around to making a tomato tart. I searched the internet seas and found several recipes that I merged. The first recipe suggested a puff pastry crust. The second recipe called for a pie crust. The third called for a pizza crust, but then I wondered what the difference between a “tart” and a pizza would be. I still am uncertain of the difference. I ended up going with the pie crust, which ended up too dry and thisclose to burnt. The tart looked spectacular and the tomatoes were so flavorful, but the crust was yuck. Next time I’m going to try the pastry crust. Overall, beautiful presentation.

Olivia ate some of the tart, which was met with an, “I uh like it,” which translates into, “I don’t like it.” So Ryan gave her a bath and we settled down. She loved squishing the air out of Daddy’s cheeks!



1. a small pie filled with cooked fruit or other sweetened preparation, usually having no top crust.
2. a covered pie containing fruit or the like.
3. Slang. a prostitute or promiscuous woman.


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Face of the Future

This website is ca- ca- ca- razy!

Every wonder what you’d look like if you were older, different race, gender, or an animal ? Now’s your chance! Check out my wild transformation:

Original pic


East Asian…

As a dude…


And my favorite: African American

Try it out! I think any ounce of self consciousness just left the building.

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Get Smart

What’s the word du jour?? It’s the word of the day! I’m a sucker for’s Word of the Day emails. They even have a Spanish Word of the Day, too! Let’s get bilingual up in here…

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So this year marked our second annual slip-n-slide party. The original party was in honor of our good friend, John Edwards, who left for school in Wisconsin last June. Ryan thought it would be a great idea to take the plastic that had been propped in a corner of our shed and roll it out, like a ghetto red carpet. A Stage 3 drought didn’t stop us from having the time of our lives. The water was running all day and various slip-enhancers were concocted. Olivia’s duck pool was pulled out of hiding and was used as a vessel for sailing down the slip-n-slide. Yep, it busted.

This year’s slip party just happened to fall upon City Stages weekend. Lots of out-of-town friends ended up coming into town for the dual festivities. Friday night rocked with The Roots, who were amazing. Saturday came quickly and the party was underway. Hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, Texas Caviar, and other various foods were served. The guitar was played and many sang along. No busted floats, just a couple of big, muddy lawn scabs.

The next two nights we were City Stages bound. This is the first City Stages I have been to when the weather has held out. A great time with great friends, thanks to everyone who came!

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Summer Garden

Ryan and I delved into the world of vegetable gardening last summer. Our spaghetti squash took over the bed and didn’t leave much room for the other plants to thrive. This year we doubled our bed and added three types of tomatoes: roma, beefsteak & atkinson. Peppers include cayenne, poblano, green & red Bell, and jalapeno. We added lots of vine plants: cucumber, squash & eggplant. Our broccoli has already yielded about as much as it’s going to this season. We got about six nice-sized crowns and they were so delicious that Olivia ate some of it raw. Just thought I’d post a picture of our crop. Gardening is very rewarding, especially with the jacked-up produce prices.

I made some delicious jalapeno cornbread a few weekends ago. We have so many tomatoes, we’re good to go for salads this summer. I have a recipe for a nice tomato tart that I’m dying to try. We’ll see how it goes.


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I know what you’re thinking. Yes, another blog. Yes, I will try to be a little bit better about updating this one.

So I was trying to come up with a quirky little blog name but all I could think of was Krin Dribblings, as in brain dribblings. As you know, my brain is full of dribblings, yet vacant of the correct grammar skills to convey said dribblings. That said, I’ll be posting lots of stuff here. Updates of friends/family, pictures, thoughts, quotes, rants, raves, recipes, advice, interesting articles, whatever. Check back often.

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