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Spring Has Sprung

Finally, Spring is here. What a great weekend.

Last weekend Jen and I went to New York, in case I didn’t tell you about it 100 times. When we were walking around Times Square I spotted Dora the Explorer…I just had to get my picture taken with her so I could show Olivia when I got back. I thought Olivia would be so excited, but she wasn’t. She said, “I wanna go to New Wark!”. Poor thing wanted to meet Dora so bad. Ryan and I told Olivia that Dora hops from town to town like a bandit. Olivia was not satisfied with our excuse.

This Saturday, Ryan had to go to AlaBrew to pick up some supplies for his new brewing endeavor. He stopped to get gas on 1st Avenue North and while has pumping, he noticed that there was somebody dressed as Dora across the street at Consignment World. Ryan called me and said, “I found Dora! She’s at Consignment World on 1st Ave. N.” I said, “Is it ghetto?” He told me it wasn’t. He lied.

So Olivia and I high-tail it to Consignment World, and what do you know? Dora was waving at cars whizzing by. We got out of the car and Olivia was really nervous. Dora put her hand out so Olivia could shake it, but Olivia gave Dora a big hug instead. Everything was groovy until “Dora” said, “Ooooooooh! She is so cyyyute! Oh my lawd that is so preshus!” C-R-A-P! Characters aren’t supposed to talk to the kids for the pure fact that the person inside the costume is not the character! Dora is Hispanic not African American! Olivia seemed really confused there for a second. We decided to tour Consignment World because I didn’t want it to seem like we were those pathetic people, which we were, who stop to get their picture taken with the person wearing a cartoon character costume. Two seconds later we were out of there and in our car. “Bye Dora! Bye Bye Dora!!” Then it was off to Winn-Dixie.


Saturday afternoon was fun, as we just did some work outside in the yard all day. Olivia enjoyed a messy popcicle:


Today we decided to do some more yard work. Our lawnmower crapped out, so we had to borrow our neighbor’s. Olivia had fun helping Ryan mow the yard:



I decided to do some spring cleaning this afternoon while Olivia was napping. I gathered some clothes to take to the thrift store, but somehow ended up making this purse for Olivia out of one of the sweaters I was going to get rid of. It was a fun afternoon project.


It was an all-around great weekend. Hope yours was too!



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Movie Review: High School Musical

Spoiler Alert!

Well I did it. I saw High School Musical. After months, maybe a year of begging, Ryan finally rented this through Netflix. His previous excuse was that the movie was rented out at Blockbuster. Thanks Netflix!

So I’m super excited when Ryan gets three Netflix movies in the mail and he tells me to open them. “High School Musical!” YES! “I’m so watching this after Olivia goes to bed,” I thought.

So I pop the movie into our DVD player. I skipped through about 6 Little Mermaid/Blues Clues/Bambi IV/Fox & Hound: Fox Realizes He Can Kill Hound previews. The movie begins…

First scene: Caucasian Dad & son playing basketball on an indoor court at night. Mom walks in all gussied up, asking why they’re not ready for “the New Years Eve party.” The parents go one way and the son goes the other after making a “I’m too good for this S!@#” look.

Next scene: Hispanic family. Mother grabs book out of daughter’s face. Tells her that she needs to go be social instead of being a bookworm as usual. “Go have fun!” she insists. The daughter gives an equally “I’m too good for this S!@#” look.

So apparently both familes are at the same winter lodge for New Years where the adults go to one party and the raging, hormonal, pizza & fries eating teens are sent to another area where the DJ spins great songs of the ’60’s. Karaoke time! Who’s going to sing? The two “Too good for this S!@#” teens are so unenthused. Uh oh! Spotlight’s on them! They better get up and sing this next little ditty or else everyone’s going to laugh at them! They both get up and go to the stage, mics in hand. The music fades up. The guy starts singing, then the girl follows suit. Apparently they both know the lyrics to this horrible Michael McDonald-esque tune and the teen audience goes buck wild, throwing their awkward bodies around like those inflatable dancing guys at the car dealership.

Song over. The two teenybops introduce themselves and hang the rest of the night. They take pics of each other with their cell phones and promise to call each other. The girl runs off abruptly, while the dude’s left hanging. Meet Troy & Gabriela.

Woo Hoo! First day of school after the break! Troy’s back to school and we find out he’s the king of the basketball team. There’s a new girl at the school who nobody knows. I recognize that face! Gabriella! Where ya been? Do you have a cousin named Sandy from Australia and is she dating a Danny Zuko?

So this is when I lose total interest and the movie becomes a total Grease rip-off, but with modern cell phone technology.

The only thing you need to know about the rest of this movie: Troy’s basketball buds give him hell because he’s thinking about trying out for the High School Musical (oh yeah, that’s what this is about), cause he and Gabriella had such chemistry when they sang before, and she’s thinking about trying out too. Athletes don’t sing and dance! Oh yeah, hot shot? Then how do you explain this litte queer (as in in happy) dog & pony show that happens in the middle of practice??

And what about the championship? It falls on the same day, same hour, same second as the musical.

So some more drama happens when Gabriella’s debate club friends decide they don’t want her participating in the musical because it falls on the same day, same hour, same second as the big debate.


So basically Troy & Gabriella’s teams try to screw them over by sheer trickery. Troy & Gabriella find out what happens, get the main parts in the school play, then do some gay (as in happy…really really happy) dance in the gym after they forgive their friends.

High School Musical gym:

Grease gym:

Rating: FAIL!

Can’t wait until Valentines Day when I can distribute these goodies:


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Hormonal Tomato

Check out the size of this tomato I bought from Wal-Mart (Super Center…). It is sitting next to an actual size frog and lawn chair, mind you. Ryan and I grew Beefsteak tomatoes this Spring and they were the size of a squirrel’s head. I want to know the secret to juicy, monkey-head size tomatoes. Reminds me of this Jack Handey quote:

“As I bit into the nectarine, it had a crisp juiciness about it that was very pleasurable—until I realized it wasn’t a nectarine at all, but A HUMAN HEAD!!”

Seriously, we made sandwiches on Saturday and the sides were overflowing with incredible tomato slices. I kind of feel weird about buying a tomato that large, but at the same time, I feel great about it.

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Kitty, plain & fuzzy

Meet Kitty. Yes, Kitty. Kitty is his name.

Ryan and I decided that Atlanta would be a fine place to start our lives/careers out of college. I come from a cat-loving family, and so does Ryan. After a couple of months living in the A-T-L, I decided that I wanted a wittle baby kitty. Ryan had a cat in college, Samson, who was living with adoptive parents. Samson is quite the rascal, so he couldn’t live with us (he’ll tear your face off, given the chance). I spent lots of (my company’s) time searching for kittens on the internet. The Fulton County Animal Shelter was slim pickins. I decided to go to the shelter myself. I was horrified at the sight of the place. So many animals, about to be killed or be adopted.

I saw Kitty. Kitty! He looked at me with such despair, much like the pic below, taken just hours ago. I knew he was the one. We connected, the sparks flew like a meth trailer gone wrong.

So I adopted Kitty. Ryan went to pick him up from the shelter, cause I had one hell of a drive through A-town to home. I got to the shelter about 30 minute after Ryan arrived. He had Kitty on his shoulder and he said, doubtfully, “Is this the one you wanted??!!!” I said, yes, its the one I wanted! We took him home and thus the transition began.

Kitty. We wanted to call him Axl. Yes! A name! No, “Axl” just didn’t seem right. “Azriel!” Yes! Just like the cat on The Smurfs! Yes! No. Nothing seemed to fit. We just kept calling Kitty, “Kitty!”. So the name stuck.

Kitty started acting weird so I took him to an animal emergency vet called, “Pets are People Too!”. Some nurse stuck a thermometer up Kitty’s b-hole and Kitty diarrhea’d all over the joint. Turned out Kitty had worms! What did I expect from a kitten who survived on Kroger-dumplins? The nurse gave us some pills and told us that Kitty would be well soon. She didn’t warn us for the stuff to come.

So Ryan and I are sitting in our schwank ATL apartment (schwank for fresh-out-of-college students), and all of a sudden I hear a weird sound. Kitty, little, tiny thing…just barfed up something (or I thought). I saw the pile and called for Ryan. “Ryan! What is this crap? It looks like shredded beef!”

Ryan came to the rescue and informed me that what was on our brand new carped was in fact, worms. Kitty had shat a bundle of worms the size of a taquito out of his little, kitten, b-hole.

So, that said. Kitty loves us to this day. We saved his life!

This is my favorite pic of me & kitty:


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Zoo Time!

Last Saturday Ryan had to work on his side project, so I thought it would be fun to take Olivia to the zoo to kill some time. It was a nice day out, a little overcast so not really that hot. I bought her some new sunglasses for our little excursion, and she was pimpin’ all over the place, along with her pink Chuck Taylors.

The minute we stepped into the zoo, Olivia wanted out of her stroller. She ended up walking the entire time – the lil’ babe was worn out, which made for a nice, lengthy nap later. So we started out with the reptiles. Olivia liked the snake. It was right next to the window and she thought his tongue was so “silly”. Birds were all over the place. The monkey, gorilla & tiger ended up being the favorites of the day. The giraffes were entertaining, but I think Olivia was so worn out by that time that she didn’t even care. I tried to take her picture with a big, bronze bunny, but alas, no avail.

Overall, great Saturday excursion!

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St. Simons Island on the Fourth of July

Ryan and I decided that we needed to take a trip to see his Grandmother, Gran Anne, who lives in St. Simons Island, Georgia. We were going to try to sync it up with our friend’s wedding on Tybee Island the last week of June. The thought of killing two birds with one stone seemed like a good idea, but as the weekend drew closer, we decided that we would skip the wedding and devote Thursday – Sunday of July 4th weekend to visiting with Gran Anne, since she had never met Olivia, her first great-grandchild.

We packed up the car and left around 8 AM on Thursday morning. Olivia settled in nicely and watched the DVDs I bought for her the weekend prior. I’m glad to say that The Smurfs are still a hit with little ones – she really enjoyed watching Season 1, and I have to say my motive for buying it was purely selfish.

The drive down wasn’t too bad. We finally arrived at Gran’s house around 5:00 ET. We ate dinner, settled down and went to sleep early. The next morning, we packed up our gear and headed down to the beach. We got there around 9:30 and thank goodness we did, because the crowd was nuts! For some reason I thought St. Simons was going to be a quiet place, but Gran informed me that others “found” the Island during the 2004 G8 Summit. Check out all the people!

The weather was perfect. We stayed at the beach until it was time for Olivia to take her nap, then we went back to Gran’s house. Ryan’s Uncle Jerry called and asked if we wanted to go flying in his 1983 Mooney. I will admit, I was really very nervous. Once we were up in the sky, I relaxed and enjoyed the view!

After the plane ride, we went back to Gran’s and took naps. When we woke up, it was time to eat dinner and get ready for fireworks! Ryan’s Auntie Bev & Uncle Jerry took us to a primo spot to watch the fireworks. They drove us to a $3.5 million house that had been on the market for two years! We sat on the back porch, next to the pool, and watched the fireworks from Sea Island.

The next day we went to the Village and did some shopping. I bought a cool silver pendant in the shape of a horseshoe, with a horse in the center. We had a fun day and ate barbeque. Olivia had her first taste of Jello that night.

She likes it!

Overall, great trip. I’m so glad we went to St. Simons and I can’t wait to return. I hope you had a happy 4th of July!!!

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