Kitty, plain & fuzzy

Meet Kitty. Yes, Kitty. Kitty is his name.

Ryan and I decided that Atlanta would be a fine place to start our lives/careers out of college. I come from a cat-loving family, and so does Ryan. After a couple of months living in the A-T-L, I decided that I wanted a wittle baby kitty. Ryan had a cat in college, Samson, who was living with adoptive parents. Samson is quite the rascal, so he couldn’t live with us (he’ll tear your face off, given the chance). I spent lots of (my company’s) time searching for kittens on the internet. The Fulton County Animal Shelter was slim pickins. I decided to go to the shelter myself. I was horrified at the sight of the place. So many animals, about to be killed or be adopted.

I saw Kitty. Kitty! He looked at me with such despair, much like the pic below, taken just hours ago. I knew he was the one. We connected, the sparks flew like a meth trailer gone wrong.

So I adopted Kitty. Ryan went to pick him up from the shelter, cause I had one hell of a drive through A-town to home. I got to the shelter about 30 minute after Ryan arrived. He had Kitty on his shoulder and he said, doubtfully, “Is this the one you wanted??!!!” I said, yes, its the one I wanted! We took him home and thus the transition began.

Kitty. We wanted to call him Axl. Yes! A name! No, “Axl” just didn’t seem right. “Azriel!” Yes! Just like the cat on The Smurfs! Yes! No. Nothing seemed to fit. We just kept calling Kitty, “Kitty!”. So the name stuck.

Kitty started acting weird so I took him to an animal emergency vet called, “Pets are People Too!”. Some nurse stuck a thermometer up Kitty’s b-hole and Kitty diarrhea’d all over the joint. Turned out Kitty had worms! What did I expect from a kitten who survived on Kroger-dumplins? The nurse gave us some pills and told us that Kitty would be well soon. She didn’t warn us for the stuff to come.

So Ryan and I are sitting in our schwank ATL apartment (schwank for fresh-out-of-college students), and all of a sudden I hear a weird sound. Kitty, little, tiny thing…just barfed up something (or I thought). I saw the pile and called for Ryan. “Ryan! What is this crap? It looks like shredded beef!”

Ryan came to the rescue and informed me that what was on our brand new carped was in fact, worms. Kitty had shat a bundle of worms the size of a taquito out of his little, kitten, b-hole.

So, that said. Kitty loves us to this day. We saved his life!

This is my favorite pic of me & kitty:



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2 responses to “Kitty, plain & fuzzy

  1. Karen

    ha! that last picture is hilarious! So…you’re no longer allowed to own electronics or go to the animal shelter, then, I assume?

  2. fo

    i think you should turn this into a movie script.

    “Kitty…a heartwarming tale of a rescued cat shitting worms on the carpet.”

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